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Project Study

Partner city Field
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) Water supply
Solid waste
Yangon City (Myanmar) Sewerage


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Track Records

FY 2011
2011.4.19 Osaka city Water & Environment Solutions Association (OWESA) launched !
2011.7.5-9 The Water Expo of Singapore International Water Week
2011.10.19 OWESA Forum 2011
2011.11.16-18 Tokyo Green Industry Exhibition 2011 of INCHEM TOKYO 2011
2012.3.12-17 The 6th World Water Forum

FY 2012
2012.10.26 OWESA Forum 2012
2012.11.5 Discussing PPP with Royal Thai Government
2012.11.1-9 The Second Water Business Delegation in Vietnam
2012.11.14-16 The Business Matching event at Green Innovation EXPO2012
2013.03.22 OWESA conducted a field survey in Yangon, Myanmar, including participation in the seminar on water supply, sewerage and drainage sector programme.

FY 2013
2013.09.30 Training conducted for those in charge of management of sewerage system in Yangon City, Myanmar
2013.11.08 OWESA Forum 2013 held at the Sewerage Science Museum, Osaka
2014.03.03 Field Survey Conducted in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

FY 2014
2014.09.08 Participation in a technological seminar on Japanese jacking method held in Ho Chi Minh City and an onsite survey of Binh Duong Province in Vietnam undertaken
2014.10.06 Memorandum of Understanding on technical cooperation between Osaka City and Yangon City signed
2014.10.10 Visit to the State Unitary Enterprise for waterworks and sewage works and participation in a seminar in St. Petersburg, Russia

FY 2015
2015.11.30 OWESA Forum 2015 held at the Sewerage Science Museum, Osaka
2015.12.01 Memorandum of understanding on technical exchange between Osaka City and St. Petersburg City signed
2016.02.15 OWESA supported the 2015 Osaka International Conference on Waste Management held by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC).