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"Trenchless Sewer Pipes Rehabilitation Project in Ho Chi Minh City" adopted by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and its Preparatory Survey to start.

A project "Trenchless Sewer Pipes Rehabilitation Project in Ho Chi Minh City",which was proposed by Osaka City,has been adopted by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the preparatory survey to implement the project is going to start in September 2016.The project has become the first one that utilized the new system of grant aid institutionalized in 2015.

Osaka City has been conducting technical cooperation in the field of sewerage system in Ho Chi Minh City since 2011 as part of global promotion of its water and environmental technologies.Through these activities,Osaka City has learned that the "Trenchless pipe rehabilitation technology",which is one of Japanese sewerage-related technologies,would be effective in solving the aging sewer pipes problems that have been troubling Ho Chi Minh City.Based on this recognition,Osaka City proposed a project using this technology to JICA and got an approval for it in May 2016.

In the preparatory survey to be launched from September,research of various technical information and drawing up of overall construction design for the rehabilitation will be carried out to put the project into practice.Osaka City is to work together in the survey as an advisor by making the full use of its accumulated knowledge of measures against aging pipes problems.

OWESA has promoted activities that contribute to finding and formulating overseas projects and also to implementing the projects through collaborative work between private and public sectors by aggressively seizing opportunities where we can showcase Osaka's water and environmental technologies to overseas.The support for Osaka City to hold a joint PR event to raise public awareness of sewer system in Ho Chi Minh City as part of a JICA's project is one of such efforts.

OWESA will promote various activities that can contribute to solving global water and environmental issues and vitalizing regional economy by providing supports for companies in Osaka as well as in Kansai region to expand their technical expertise globally through collaboration between private and public sectors.OWESA understands that continuing these efforts will lead to new business projects in the future.


The traffic in the central part of HCMC


Inside of a sewer pipe of HCMC