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Osaka Mayor confirmed to further promote mutual cooperation in the fields of such as water and the environment with his counterpart in Ho Chi Minh.~Renewed "MOU on Developing Low-Carbon City Between Ho Chi Minh City and Osaka City" and observed sites where some of the projects have been carried out.

   Osaka Mayor Hirofumi Yoshimura visited Ho Chi Minh City on 6th and 7th September to meet the Mayor of Ho Chi Minh. In the meeting, they confirmed that two cities would further promote exchanges in various fields such as water and the environment. They signed the renewed MOU for realizing low-carbon city in Ho Chi Minh. Mayor Yoshimura also conducted observations on sites where public-private partnership projects in the fields of sewerage technologies and development of low-carbon city have been implemented as well as BPC round-table meeting.

   We at Osaka Water & Environment Solutions Association have provided various supports for the site observation in the sewerage field to be conducted without any flaws. We managed to secure thorough safety measures at the site through close collaboration with HCMC staff. We also made a presentation using video material to explain the project implemented at the site. During the observation, the Vice Director of the Steering Center of the Urban Flood Control Program (SCFC), Mr. Dung, unexpectedly joined in and made a conversation with MR. Yoshimura with a smile, which enhanced the friendly atmosphere at the site and could suggest further promotion of the friendly relationship between the two cities in the future.

   During the visit, we have attended Mr. Yoshimura at the high-level meeting between the two Mayors regarding the water and environment fields. We also provided some indirect supports to get the renewed MOU for realizing low-carbon city in Ho Chi Minh signed. In this way, we have conducted activities that could contribute to formulating and commercializing projects in the fields of water supply, sewage works and the environment based on collaboration between private and public sectors.

   OWESA will promote various activities that can contribute to solving global water and environmental issues and vitalizing regional economy by providing supports for companies in Osaka and Kansai region to expand their technical expertise globally through collaboration between private and public sectors.


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  1. Site observation of sewerage project
  2. Shaking hands with Vice Director, Mr. Dung, with smile
  3. Attending a meeting between the two Mayors
  4. Exchanging MOU on Developing Low-Carbon City
  5. Presentation at a round-table meeting
  6. Site observation of low carbonization project