Purification: Purification of water sourced from downstream river
: Advanced treatment ozonation treatment and granular activated carbon
Distribution management: Leakage (non-revenue water) prevention
:Distribution management system to achieve stable water supply
Advanced quality control improved services: Water quality control (potable water)
: Safety management based on ISO22000


Flood Control measures: Comprehensive flood control approach (against flooding, high tide, and subsidence)
Sewer management: Asset management and prolonging of asset life cycle
: Renewal of sewers
Water treatment and water environmental conservation: Construction of treatment plants and application of advanced treatment systems
: Improvement of combined sewer overflow
: Regulation of industrial wastewater
Sludge treatment: Reduction of sludge
: Beneficial utilization of sludge

Solid waste treatment/Environment

Waste reduction and recycling: Trash separation
: Resource recovery (reduce, reuse, recycle)
Incineration and disposal site management: Waste reduction by incineration
: Power and heat generation from waste
: Landfill managemant
Environmental preservation: Formulation of environmental management plan
: Environmental monitoring
: Emission control and prevention