Cutting edge of waterworks

Advanced Water Treatment System

The Advanced Water Treatment System is applied in Osaka city. Conventional water treatment system uses coagulo-sedimentation basins as well as rapid sand filters. In order to improve drinking water quality, ozone contact basins and granular activated carbon filters are used for further treatment. It removes musty odors and reduces trihalomethanes.

Water distribution management

In order to realize more efficient water distribution on a daily basis as well as prompt distribution operation in emergency situations, Osaka City has promoted centralized management of purification plants and pumping stations in the city through a distribution control room located in Kunijima purification plant general administration building. In addition, the city has established the distribution information center that enables monitoring of water distribution in the whole area through the distribution information system along with distribution telemeters that are installed in the distribution pipes in the whole city. The city operates these facilities in a coordinated manner, managing city-wide water control.
The centralized management system remotely controls distribution pumping facilities at total of 10 sites for water supply and industrial water service including four distribution pump sites in Kunijima purification plant and six purification plants/water distribution plants/pumping stations in the city for 24 hours a day.

distribution control room and distribution information center

Ensure purer and safer tap water

In December 2008, the Osaka City Waterworks Bureau became the world’s first public water service provider to gain ISO 22000, an international standard for food safety management. ISO 22000 uses a safety management approach called HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). By controlling critical control points under the ISO management system and making continual improvements, food safety can be managed.

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